Open a new legend, Santhai Mobile 2021

Santhai Mobile, the legendary mobile game Thai text game developed by Hardwoker game studio (only one development team) is a famous game. which is a game that Thai people create themselves It was very popular on the PC version many years ago. With a game that has skills, skills, a variety of careers. And many people should know this game very well. The game will let us play the role of a villager named “Tang Thai”. We are responsible for character development. fight monsters Waiting to do quests to serve villagers, etc.lyn68

Thai passenger in that mobile version There are many added systems, such as the elephant boss, a new item crafting system. Enhanced gameplay The system warps back and forth between maps.
The game Santhai Mobile 2021 is sold at a price of 179 baht in both the Play Store and the Apps Store. Good games can be supported at the
Play Store: store/apps/details?id=com.hardworkerstudio.santhai
App Store :
Developer : Rachan Neamprasert

Information about the game
Company : Rachan Neamprasert
Genre : RPG
Languages: English, Thai
Mobile game : Offline
File size: 382.2MB
by the developer of Mr. Rachen. got into a bicycle accident This caused the developer to become paralyzed and unable to take care of himself. And have stopped developing substance on PC lyn68 when Rachen food is better (after many years) so turn to develop mobile games instead. according to market force To use this money to continue to treat and take care of Mr. Rajen’s condition. Don’t forget to help support the real game for only 179 baht. The game has a system of constant updates.
REF : Hardwork Studio
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